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Da ballo Applique Raso Al pavimento Senza maniche Spalle scoperte Abiti

Prezzo di Mercato: 540,90 €

Prezzo di vendita: 130,50 €


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Da ballo Applique Raso Al pavimento Senza maniche Spalle scoperte Abiti

  • Ball Gown Applique Satin Floor-Length Sleeveless Off-the-Shoulder Dresses
  • Ball Gown Applique Satin Floor-Length Sleeveless Off-the-Shoulder Dresses
Stagione Primavera,Estate,Autunno,Inverno
Tessuto Raso
Scollatura Abiti senza spalline
Taglio Palloncino
Manica Senza maniche
Abbellimento Appliques
Vita Naturale
Orlo/Treno A terra
Colore Mostrato Borgogna
Peso del pacco 1500.0000


  1. Principessa Scollatura Tonda Senza maniche Strascico Informale Applique Chiffona Abiti

    Prezzo di Mercato: 505,80 €

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  2. Principessa Senza maniche Scollatura Tonda Perline Strascico Informale Chiffona Abiti

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  5. Principessa Senza maniche Scollo ad anello Perline Chiffona Strascico Informale Abiti

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    Prezzo di Mercato: 524,70 €

    Prezzo di vendita: 124,20 €

  2. Principessa Maniche corte Scollatura Tonda Al pavimento Applique Chiffona Abiti

    Prezzo di Mercato: 546,30 €

    Prezzo di vendita: 135,00 €

  3. Sirena Maniche lunghe Spalle scoperte Pizzo Strascico Informale Abiti

    Prezzo di Mercato: 468,00 €

    Prezzo di vendita: 134,10 €

  4. Da ballo Maniche lunghe Scollo a barchetta Raso Al pavimento Abiti

    Prezzo di Mercato: 558,00 €

    Prezzo di vendita: 130,50 €

  5. Principessa Senza maniche Scollo a barchetta Chiffona Lustrini Al pavimento Abiti

    Prezzo di Mercato: 528,30 €

    Prezzo di vendita: 130,50 €

  6. Principessa Senza maniche Scollo ad anello Perline Strascico Informale Chiffona Abiti

    Prezzo di Mercato: 523,80 €

    Prezzo di vendita: 126,00 €

  1. Principessa Senza maniche Chiffona Pizzo Scollatura a V Strascico Informale Abiti

    Prezzo di Mercato: 477,90 €

    Prezzo di vendita: 124,20 €

  2. Principessa Senza maniche Scollatura Tonda Al pavimento Applique Chiffona Abiti

    Prezzo di Mercato: 520,20 €

    Prezzo di vendita: 132,30 €

  3. Principessa Raso V-Neck Maniche lunghe Strascico Informale Increspature Abiti

    Prezzo di Mercato: 542,70 €

    Prezzo di vendita: 108,00 €

  4. Tubino Scollatura a V Lustrini Strascico Corto Senza maniche Maglia Abiti

    Prezzo di Mercato: 589,50 €

    Prezzo di vendita: 142,20 €

  5. Sirena Scollatura a cuore Senza maniche Raso Strascico Informale Abiti

    Prezzo di Mercato: 468,00 €

    Prezzo di vendita: 115,20 €

  6. Da ballo Scollatura a V Maniche lunghe Pizzo Strascico Corto Raso Abiti da Matrimonio

    Prezzo di Mercato: 776,70 €

    Prezzo di vendita: 152,10 €

  1. Sirena Scollatura a V Senza maniche Strascico Informale Applique Tyll Abiti

    Prezzo di Mercato: 543,60 €

    Prezzo di vendita: 155,70 €

  2. Da ballo Scollatura Tonda Maniche lunghe Pizzo Strascico Corto Raso Abiti da Matrimonio

    Prezzo di Mercato: 786,60 €

    Prezzo di vendita: 144,90 €

  3. Tubino Come raso di seta Spalle scoperte Senza maniche Strascico Informale Pizzo Abiti

    Prezzo di Mercato: 549,00 €

    Prezzo di vendita: 121,50 €

  4. Sirena Spalle scoperte Senza maniche Pizzo Perline Strascico Informale Abiti

    Prezzo di Mercato: 530,10 €

    Prezzo di vendita: 126,90 €

  5. Principessa Senza maniche Collo Sheer Applique Chiffona Strascico Informale Abiti

    Prezzo di Mercato: 558,00 €

    Prezzo di vendita: 139,50 €

  6. Principessa Maniche lunghe Scollatura a V Chiffona Applique Al pavimento Abiti

    Prezzo di Mercato: 542,70 €

    Prezzo di vendita: 136,80 €


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htxx Anna



Very good company. Dress arrived early and in perfect condition as expected. Reasonable prices for quality of dresses. Highly recommend!

Ariel G



Really beautiful and good quality




In love with this dress from Hebeos, was a bit hesitant at first. However, my mind has been blown. Absolutely love this dress, great material and looks so expensive for a great price. Had gotten compliments, all throughout the night. If you have any questions about it dm me on ig or for more pictures @nicole.rattos




Although i got quite worried about the shipping, it was supposed to arrive before the 30th of may and ended up coming the actual day of my ball the 1st of june, the dress is absolutely incredible, it is the prettiest one i have ever seen! I even got crowned Queen haha




The dress was absolutely beautiful! Shipping was very quick!




I used the customized sizing and the dress came in nearly perfect! I had to take it in to make the sleeves smaller and shorten it by 3 inches or so. This dress is definitely worth it! It took about 3-4 weeks to come in, so order early if it’s for a special event! Worth the wait. I got compliments on it all night.

Viviann H







Amazing! Only had to alter the length and the sleeves and that’s it! Looked just like the pic- got called a princess all night! Deff meant for prom

simply Lillyyy



Thank you I loved it

Leslie Waters



I ordered rushed shopping and got it a little less than two weeks. I love the dress so much it fits like a glove




Very Happy with our dress. Came in 5 days ahead of schedule!




There is a great selection on the website. The ordering process was easy, the free shipping was fast, and the product was close to perfect.




The dress was so beautiful and elegant. It fit perfect besides the fact that I'm really short and the dress was really long plus I lost about 10 lbs before prom so it wasn't as tight. I got so many compliments on how amazing and vintage the dress looked!




The picture of the prom dress I ordered for my daughter




thank you @hebeos.official for the dress. It looks so beautiful, I danced all night in it. I looked and felt like a princess at my senior prom. I was dreaming about getting my hands on this dress and when I got it I was ecstatic and couldn't be any happier. So thank you!! And thank you everyone who made prom so magical for me!!




This dress is AMAZING. The quality is so so so great. When we got my dress we had to iron it a bit to get the wrinkles from shipping out (steaming didn’t work). It fit me very well and I got so many compliments on how beautiful and elegant it looked.




This honestly was the perfect dress. It was the perfect color and it was beautiful. I had to take it in a little bit and it was a little bit long but otherwise I absolutely loved it. I would definitely buy another dress from this company.




Overall very pleased with this dress!! At first I was very hesitant to order because ordering a dress offline for this price is scary! But I was very happy with the way it came. The only issue I had was when it came it was very wrinkled, but a quick trip to the dry cleaners fixed that. Also with this dress keep in mind it does come with a hoop skirt and I would recommend WEARING IT. The dress looks so much better with it although you don’t have to if you choose not to. I didn’t have any problems dancing or walking in the dress. It is a bit puffier because of the skirt but wasn’t as much of a hassle as I expected. Very happy and will order off this site again!!




Did custom sizing and it came just a tiny bit big but overall this dress came out amazing. I was so in love with the detailing. Looks like whoever made it put so much time and effort into it without making it arrive late to my location. I loved the color and everything. Thank you Hebeos.




I got mine, loved it!




Thank you for the gorgeous dress! Absolutely loved it!!!!Came exactly how I pictured it and fit beautifully




I got mine! My dress was amazing and I loved it!




I’m going to try and help as much as I can, for those considering this dress. The first picture is what it looked liked when it shipped, and the second is it after being hemmed and ironed. Honestly I was SHOCKED when the dress came in. I ordered it in burgundy size 2 with no custom measurements, and the torso fit perfectly - something I never expected. The length was long, but that literally was the only problem. I think there are slightly different versions of the dress, because some reviews show it differently, at least from what I’ve noticed. The one I received, however, looks almost exactly like the picture promoted. I think the only difference is that mine doesn’t have as many flowers, which I actually personally prefer. It shipped in 10-or-so days, and the packaging at first looked a little sketchy but there’s so many layers of plastic wrap that the dress is protected. The quality of it as a whole is mind-blowing and I’m still in shock that I ordered this online haha. Whoever made it, thank you, and if you’re considering purchasing, this dress is SO BEAUTIFUL AND I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND. Hemming is a must, but it’s so worth it.




Love the gown gorgeous great quality! I had to get it altered because I order the wrong size but LOVED IT in general!




I got my dress last week and I couldn't be happier with it. Fit like a glove and super good quality. Just need to be hemmed a bit so I wouldn't trip

Kayla Favis



Dress came in a bit too long, so I had to get it hemmed. But the overall quality of the dress is beautiful! Even the tailor was surprised to hear I ordered it online. The detail on the bodice is so pretty, and the material flows so nicely. I would seriously recommend getting this dress!




I had an amazing night at my prom. Thank you for the amazing dress I loved every stitch of it!

Skenny Massie



This dress is stunning




I just received my dress today and I am MORE THAN HAPPY!! The dress is a little long and a bit big on my waist but that might be either because I don't know how to measure myself correctly or that my body is awkward. I've been looking up all of the reviews on Hebeos and I was very skeptical about buying a dress online since a lot of people had mixed experiences. I looked up YouTube videos, their Instagram, and finally I decided to buy the dress. It came within 3 weeks and emailed me about everything I needed to know (shipping date, tailor time, etc;). The dress has such beautiful fabric and left me completely SHOOK YAS. I wanted to avoid having to go to a store to buy a dress because it's a pain in the goods and most places NEVER have my size in pretty dresses. I am so happy and will most def blow my boyfriend away! Please buy this dress you will not regret it!!




I bought this dress for my boyfriends prom and I absolutely love it




I got the dress a few days ago, it is absolutely stunning!! the only thing that is kinda iffy is the sleeves because it seems like there should be more flowers and detail on them, and it’s a little big in the waist, but overall it was 100% worth the money. thank you hebeos!! it is gorgeous!!




This is the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen. It came in early and with a hoop skirt. It’s fits perfectly and it’s just all around the best thing every. 10/10 would 100% recommend. I love this dress and officially love this website. Thank you so much.




The dress is beautiful! I got it in dark green and it looks just like the picture! I received the dress in 20 days, and I am very happy with my order! It also came with a hoop skirt which I was not expecting!




I love my dress.




The dress came And i love it sooooo much, Its a lil big, But i Found someone Who Can fix that.
But i LOVE IT SO MUCH. Im telling everyone to buy dresses from you.




This dress is absolutely gorgeous. I ordered two dresses from this site and I was a little worried at first because it was my first time buying from this site. Also, I took a huge risk because it was for my senior prom. I am so pleased with this dress and the second dress they are absolutely beautiful. WIll recommend to everyone who’s looking for a dress! 10/10




So I was super skeptical about ordering a formal dress offline, especially given the mixed reviews on this website. But I have to say, the dress is exactly like the picture. Beautiful details and color. I ordered it on April 26th and got it on May 9th. It wasn’t supposed to be here until the 11th. So that was a huge plus. I chose to do the custom measurements instead of picking a size. It is about a foot too long so I will have to hem it, I put it in my correct height so I’m not sure why they thought It needed to be that long. And the bodice is a little too big but nothing I can’t fix with some safety pins. Overall, I am super satisfied with my order and will definitely be back again if I need a formal dress. If you are thinking about ordering, I would adjust the height to maybe 6in below your normal height unless you don’t mind getting it hemmed. Hope this helps anyone on the fence about buying!




I love this dress!!! I ordered a 12 to 14 I’m usually a 11 if you are going to order this dress get 2 sizes up expecially if u have a bigger bust!!! But very worth the money so beautiful




Beyond stunning, was perfect when it arrived. The shipping was quick and customer service was spectacular. The dress fit like a glove and looks exactly like the picture. I'll put a photo up after prom but I'm so happy with what I got!




I’m an foreign exchange student and I ordered this dress for my upcoming prom and gosh dang it, this dress is so beautiful and looks so nice! Exactly like the picture. So happy I ordered it.

It’s a little big around my boob area and a little bit too long too but I’ll get that fixed. 10/10 would recommend.

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